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Neo 50 Partnership

Neo Community are proud of our NEO 50 partnerships. A simple idea that makes a big difference.

The concept is simple – 50 local or national businesses or individuals pledge an amount of money each month to NEO, which allows us to build up a fund that underpins the work that NEO does all across Wirral, creating stability for the projects and the teams.

The Serious Bit

There simply isn’t the money available from local or national government to support community development. We need private investment, working directly with community causes, to generate new money for the area. This model ensures long-term sustainable social change and creates significant impact in the community.

Our goals are to reduce poverty and its impacts, to encourage good environmental practices and to secure prosperity and growth for all. What we are proposing is not charitable donations but investment in people and communities to create well-being, good health, aspiration and prosperity for generations to come.

Become a Neo 50 Partner
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The Best Bit

Becoming a Neo 50 partner will provide you and your business with a number of great benefits:

Networking Events

We will invite you to a celebratory event each year where you can network, eat delicious intercepted food and learn about what we have achieved together.

Recognition & Publicity

Our members get recognition and positive publicity through Neo’s popular social media and through other publicity campaigns.

Supporting your local community

You’ll have the satisfaction of knowing you are supporting the people who make a positive difference in your local community. Your involvement will enhance your CSR activities and policies.

10% Discount

We’ll even give you a 10% discount on Neo’s fantastic catering services for your business or social event.

Our Neo 50 Partners

Have a look at which businesses already support our Neo 50 scheme.

Wirral Chamber of Commerce
Designated Associates
Gov Data
Heap & Partners Ltd
Heap & Partners Ltd
Progress to Excellence
Marine Turbo
Buisness Growth and Accounts
Buisness Growth and Accounts
B&M Waste Services
The Keith Jones Partnership Solicitors
Unity Supported Housing
One Economy Logo

Our Impact

Take a look at the impact being part of NEO 50 makes to the community.

Our Community Investment Menu

Have a look at what your support can help us achieve.