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Neo 50

Neo Community are proud to be launching the Neo 50 club, a simple idea that makes a big difference.

Progress to Excellence, one of our many Neo 50 members have written a lovely article about us! Click here to take a look.
Neo Community is always looking for new ways to raise money and provide support for small community projects and people who focus on making the North West a happier, healthier place. 

That’s why we’ve come up with the idea of the ‘Neo 50’ Club. If 50 local or national businesses pledge a small amount of money each month, we can build up a fund that will secure the work that Neo is doing all across the Wirral. Not only that, but it will allow us to give support and award grants to other groups or people who have brilliant ideas but no funding to make them happen. 

The Serious Bit:
Let’s get straight to the point: there isn’t the money within local or national government to support community development, so we need private investment, working directly with community causes, to generate new money for the area. The combination of social impact and returns gives us the ideal sustainable model that will ensure long term change. 

There are many people on the Wirral committed to improving their communities with small projects that desperately need this type of growth funding. Right now, it’s just not there, so let’s create it and create it together. Our goals are to reduce poverty and its impacts; to encourage good environmental practises and to ensure prosperity and growth for all. What we are proposing is not charity, its investment in our people and our communities to create well-being, good health, aspiration and prosperity.

The Financial Bit 
We are asking our members to contribute anything from a £100 a month to join the ‘Neo 50’. If we can get 50 members, we’ll be able to contribute £30,000 to keep Neo running, and offer out a small grants of £2500 each month.
If we can get past 50, we can keep growing and increasing what we put back into the community.

The Best Bit
Becoming a member of our Neo 50 Club will provide your business with lots of great benefits: 
• We will invite our members to a couple of events each year, where you can network, eat delicious intercepted food, and find out about what we achieved together. 
• We’ll ensure our members get recognition and publicity through Neo’s Social Media and other publicity campaigns 
• We’ll ask you to nominate and vote for projects you want to support with our small grants 
• You’ll have the satisfaction of knowing you are supporting the people who make a positive difference in your local community 
• We’ll even give you a 10% discount on Neo’s fantastic external catering services for your business or personal life

Our Neo 50 Supporters

Have a look at what businesses support us through our Neo 50 Scheme

Chamber of Commerce

Wirral Chamber of Commerce


Designated Associates

The Hive Youth Zone

The Hive, Wirral Youth Zone


The Labour Party


British Bespoke Workwear

Progress to Excellence

Progress to Excellence

Westminster Associates

Westminster Associates

Copeland Group Services

Copeland Group Services



Take a look at the impact being part of the Neo 50 Makes to the community:

    Impact Monitoring

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