What We Do


Founded in 2013, NEO quickly became recognised as key providers of food assistance and support throughout the local community and has grown in size, success and delivery through the sheer determination and passion of the entire NEO team.

Proudly achieving charity status in March 2019, NEO has continued to broaden, develop and deliver a range of services in support of our local and wider community.

Pay-As-You-Feel: How does this work?

At NEO, our shop, café, and all services operate on a 'pay-as-you-feel' system, a cornerstone of our philosophy that holds equal importance to our commitment to reducing food waste.

Under this system, individuals are encouraged to contribute what they believe is a fair price for the goods or services, aligning with their financial means. Alternatively, we highly value and appreciate individuals choosing to contribute through volunteering their time, skills, and energy to support NEO. This can be as straightforward as assisting with tasks like washing dishes, cleaning windows, or helping fellow community members access our shop by taking a bag for a neighbor.

We have observed that the pay-as-you-feel concept goes beyond financial transactions; it nurtures a sense of community and strengthens the connections between those who operate, utilize, and volunteer at NEO. This sense of community is a unique aspect that sets us apart from the mainstream economy, fostering a collaborative and supportive environment.

Community Café

Our café provides a homely community space. Whether you pop in for a cuppa, a roast dinner, or an all day breakfast, you will always find a friendly face and a warm welcome.

We are open each Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday – from 12:00 til 2pm

Location – Beaconsfield Community House.


Social Supermarket

We have nurtured and maintained strong links with local supermarkets and food retailers, allowing us to develop a comprehensive surplus food and supplies offering.

We are open Mon - Wed 12 - 3pm

Fridays 12 - 2pm then 4-6pm

Thursday - Closed

Location - Beaconsfield Community House.

School Partnerships

Working collaboratively with a local primary school led to the opening of a social supermarket at Woodlands School in 2018.

The popularity of this project, together with the amazing support of Tudor Trust, has resulted in us extending our offer to a further 3 schools, due to open by the end of 2020.

Kids & Holiday Services

We host our highly popular Kids Club, operating every Tuesday and 4:30 pm to 6:00 pm, and then on a Thursday Youth Club is 6.30-8.30.

Additionally, during school holidays, we offer engaging and educational sessions as part of the National Holiday Activity Fund. These sessions not only include enjoyable activities but also provide free breakfast, lunch, and snacks for participating children. Our holiday program extends to activity days, picnics, and residential trips, ensuring a variety of entertaining options for kids.

All these exciting activities take place at Beaconsfield Community House. Discover more about our programs and the vibrant experiences we offer for children.

Neo in South Wirral

Enhancing South Wirral

Neo Community has recently started a project which aims to enhance the well-being of South Wirral community by creating more opportunities for community engagement with a specific focus on youth, families, older people and food security.

This is a three-year project funded by The National lottery Community Fund.

Find out more here!


Community Engagement

At Neo Community, our mission is to foster the development of self-sufficient and resilient communities.

We firmly believe that individuals are key contributors to the solution, not mere participants in local or national challenges.

Our community hub is an inclusive space, open to all, where every idea and voice is valued.

Here, everyone has a role to play in bringing about positive change for the greater good.


Join us in building a stronger, more connected community together!

Waste & Interception

We have established and maintained strong links with supermarkets and food retailers, allowing us to divert food that may otherwise have gone to landfill.

This, perfectly good food, is brought back to our base at Beaconsfield Community House, stocking both our café and our shop, providing our community with affordable fresh food and supplies.


We at NEO are extremely proud of the community in which we live and work.

We run regular community clean up days; healthy meal preparation and cooking sessions based around reducing waste and cooking on a budget. Our beautiful community garden, which is open all year round, has been created using repurposed items wherever possible.


We also run a commercial catering service from which all proceeds go to supporting NEO Community as a charity. We offer a value for money outside catering services ranging from working buffet lunches to fully catered celebratory events such as weddings.

Please email us for information.